We aspire to be a community that will express and present God’s presence so we might bless and influence generations and cultures towards Jesus.


One-size fits all programs will not shape us into the community we desire to be. We believe the best way to do this is to devote our lives to following Jesus and building life-giving relationships. That’s why you will see or hear 6 words around Faith Community: Follow Well! Love Well! Serve Well! We are learning what this means for our lives. We hope we can share this journey together with you.


Mark Slomka
Senior Pastor
hes advanced in years


Benji Horning
Worship Pastor
aka the hipster on staff

Damon Chambers
also know as Captain flowers - ask him?!

Vince Medrano
Teaching pastor
Church Operations
(token doger fan)

Staff Photos (5 of 9).jpg

Ryan Silvia
youth and young adults
superhero fanboy

Ken Calvert
Facilities Management
(Makes MacGyver look like a novice)

Deb Moncauskas
Children & family Pastor
she sees the glass overflowing

Corinna Smith
Ministries assistant
(the real boss)

Andy Jones
Media Arts
we have No Idea what he actually does


(858) 565-4808

2285 Murray Ridge Road
San Diego, CA 92123


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