Current Series: Do Not Be Afraid

Thoughts on Advent & Christmas

Blessed are those for whom Advent is 

A state of mind and not a season

   A passion for life and not a passing feeling

      A yearning yet-to-be and not a longing fulfilled.

For they will behold THE PROMISE 

   who comes to the ones

Whose lives are riddled 

   with disappointment and doubt with God;

Whose spirit have grown dry and distant 

   from their God through fatigue or compromise; and

Whose hearts long 

   to be part of God’s Kingdom movement today…

Advent makes no sense to the satisfied neither does it promise meaning for the pessimist who chooses to find significance in perpetual disappointment and despair. Advent holds promise only for those whose lives are a painful incongruity between their present circumstances and their daily yearnings. Advent calls us to hold on to God’s precious promises that we are tempted to surrender daily… Don’t give up! Your season of fulfillment is coming… We post resources on this page that we hope you will find helpful as you consider God’s promises to you this Advent Season.

Here are some resources you might find helpful this Advent Christmas Season


Watch For the Light is a collection of 50 reflections on the great themes of Advent/Christmas and the significance that the coming of Jesus has for each of us all year long. These reflections are written by a Hall of Fame collections of writers across the ages…

Advent: The Once and Future Coming of Jesus by Fleming Rutlege. Her book on the Crucifixion of Jesus is one of the best books I (Mark) have read in recent years… Her Advent devotional is rich, substantial, provocative, and faith building.

Advent for Everyone by N.T. Wright. Always accessible, insightful, and thought provoking. One of the things I like about Bishop Wright’s work is he makes me grateful and proud to be a Christian.