Homefront-September 2014

This month's theme is storytelling.

The environment of STORYTELLING recognizes that God has been working throughout history. He is still moving and working today. All of the things that He has done, is doing, and will do in the future aren’t stand-alone, independent stories. These things all relate to one another, and together they create one amazing story, which we like to call The Big God Story.

As we’re inspired by The Big God Story, we’re called not to keep it to ourselves but to give it away. We’re called to share our experiences of encountering a loving and faithful God. We’re a faith community that needs to hear how God is moving and creating a unique story in each of our lives. As we share these stories, with the help of the Holy Spirit, we can inspire and strengthen one another’s faith.

Our hope is that this next generation will get a firsthand, awe-inspiring view of God as we pass down our personal stories of dependence on the Holy Spirit and share how God has shown Himself to us in unique and tangible ways.

We pray that this month, as your family begins to tell stories, your family will be encouraged, and that telling these stories will compel you to share them with others. 

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