Homefront - June 2015

Without love, our faith becomes futile. The environment of LOVE AND RESPECT recognizes that children need both love and respect in order to be free to both receive and give God’s grace.

Key to this environment is the value that children are respected because they embody the image of God. We must speak to them, not at them, and we must commit to an environment where love and acceptance are never withheld because of one’s behavior.

First Corinthians 13 says if we don’t have love, everything else we do is futile. It’s worthless. So, without love, it doesn’t matter if we have all the knowledge in the world. It doesn’t matter if we’re helping kids understand who God is and we’re modeling what that looks like. If we don’t do all of it in a loving way, then it’s simply worthless! Wow! That’s a sobering thought. When we create an environment of LOVE AND RESPECT, we’re helping identify the image of God in every person.

This month, be looking for ways to take the environment of LOVE AND RESPECT beyond your family time with HomeFront. Challenge your family to find opportunities to show love and respect to others in everyday interactions! 

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