Homefront - July 2015

Story reading and telling is an important part of our children’s development not just for the sake of literacy but for their spiritual growth as well. Telling God’s story to our children is the most important role we have as parents—it gives them a perspective of how God

has been moving throughout history and allows them to see how He is working in every person’s life today.

In this month’s issue of HomeFront we have focused on sharing stories around the campfire. GOD’S WORD (page 20) focuses on John 21:1–14 where Jesus shares breakfast with His disciples around a campfire. Our FAMILY TIME RECIPE (page 14) and KIDS IN THE KITCHEN (page 16) are both campfire meals that will encourage your family to share a meal and share
a story! 

Click here to download this month's Homefront. Be patient it's a big file!