Homefront - August 2015

We believe that the Holy Spirit is God’s chosen teacher. It is He who causes spiritual growth and formation when and as He chooses. As such, we have articulated 10 distinct environments to create in your home. We desire to create spiritual space, which we refer to as an environment, in which God’s Spirit can move freely.

Nothing is more important in our spiritual lives than knowing and being known by God. We live in a world that denies absolute truth, and yet God’s Word offers just that. As we create an environment that upholds and displays God’s truth, we give children a foundation of knowing God, studying His Word, and cultivating a relationship with Him through Christ.

Just as the environment of KNOWING describes, we live in a world that denies and dismisses the existence of absolute truth. What a tragedy! We face an urgency to pass on the truth of God and His Word to the next generation. As we learn God’s truth, we open up to knowing God Himself and entering into relationship with Him. As we create space that allows our families to study God’s Word, we’ll develop a hunger and thirst to know Him more.