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From Roma,
Founder/Director of Father's House, Kiev, Ukraine

Dear brother , Bruce and Faith Community!

We greatly appreciate our many years of friendship and support of Father's House in different areas. Today we especially thank you for your presentation at church regarding the situation in Ukraine and therefore, in Father's House. In this particularly difficult time our country is experiencing, it so important and enouraging to know that there are many caring people who are willing to help. Our sincere greetings and gratitude to the whole church for the finances that they have separated from their families and that way provided assistance to orphans in Ukraine. We used a part of these funds to cover the cost for food for children of Father's House, set up a small emergency fund of basic food goods and assist a family of refugees from Eastern Ukraine - it is a foster family with 6 children. We let them stay in of the apartments in Vatutino.

We think that this is only one of the first families who leave their homes because of the complex situation in the region which threatens their health and life.

We will provide a detailed report on the finances later.

Thank God for you .

Abundant blessings.


Your brother and humble servant,