A church we have relationship with in Orange County reached out to Faith Community, on behalf of an organization they have relationship with, looking for host families for Italian students during the summer time.  Please note that anyone from our church that reaches out to this organization will go through their vetting process. 

The following is the information given to us.  


Looking for a California Host Family- 2 Adult Families who would earn $1200 for a 4-week program.

We still have 4 boys to place.

  Even though my flyer mentions a girl, she has already been spoken for. 

Looking for:

·         A caring and friendly host family

·         A private bedroom with shared or private bathroom in a safe and clean environment

·         Breakfast and dinner meals with host family during the week with a packed lunch on weekdays Provide 3 meals a day on the weekends

Access to:

·         Study and quiet areas

·         TV and Internet

·         Laundry facilities


●             One (1) minimum weekly excursion with host visiting local attractions and shopping, etc.

●             Host greets student at airport and transfers student to the home (RT)

Click here for a document with more information

Thank you, 

Mary and MaiKai Makena

California English Homestay, LLC

301 Broadway

Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Bus: 949.207.3395