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Journey is a ministry intended to provide emotional and spiritual care for people in our community when they face the tsunamis of life. Journey is made up of men and women in our community who are trained to encourage, instill hope, pray, and love those disrupted by crisis. A Journey Companion will provide relationship and community as we walk alongside because we do not believe that God wants people to feel overwhelmed or become isolated.

Our goal is to be the best comforters, encouragers and bringers of God’s grace, love and peace we can be in Christ so that others may:

  • embrace Jesus as the answer, and
  • find the strength, courage, grace, in Christ to overcome & be healed and
  • so they can allow the Holy Spirit to use them to comfort, strengthen, and bring hope to others

For more information, please contact: John Groman. You can also drop by the Welcome Table in the courtyard after church service on Sundays.