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LifeGroup FAQ's

Calendar 2014/2015

Fall Session Signups
24, 31 August,
7, 14, 21 September

Fall Session Dates
Starts: Week of 15 September
Ends: Week of 17 November

Winter Session Signups
28 December,
4, 11 January

Winter Session Dates
Starts: Week of 19 January
Ends: Week of 23 March

Spring Session Signups
22, 29 March
5 April

Spring Session Dates
Starts: Week of 6 April
Ends: Week of 8 June

We believe that spiritual growth occurs when people respond to God's presence and His Word (the Bible) in a community that builds authentic relationships. LifeGroups foster spiritual growth in Christ through relationships. LifeGroups are for anyone who is seeking to grow spiritually – whether you are seeking to understand what following Jesus means or whether you are looking to grow in your faith.

Our LifeGroups are weekly Scripture-based opportunities to relationally reflect upon and apply God's Word, share life's journey, and support one another spiritually. 

LifeGroups meet for three 10-week sessions (see Calendar Sidebar) from September to June with breaks for Christmas and for the summer. Our LifeGroup leaders make a one year commitment and we ask our LifeGroup members to make a 10 week commitment to any group they join. When you sign up for a LifeGroup you have the first 3 weeks to determine whether the group you signed up for is a good fit for you! FInally, we also ask members to prepare in advance using the Resource Guide that is posted online each week on Friday afternoon.

Our goal is to have 100% of our church involved in a small group experience! … yes, we aim high!

Click here if you would like to let us know that you are interested in joining a LifeGroup.

For more information please call (858-565-4808) or email Beckey at our office!