GreenHouse or WareHouse Workshop Resources


The Church by Hans Kung is the classic work on the Church. Kung is a Roman Catholic theologian but don’t let that scare you. Rarely do evangelicals or pentecostals write with such reflective depth on the very topic which dominates the call we have been given by God! Be provoked and challenged. Don’t be distracted by what you may not agree with. You cannot read this book with coming away with a high regard and deep love for the Church of Jesus Christ we have been called to build.

These 3 books by Michael Moynagh are to my thinking some of the finest and perceptive writing on the Church.

Being Church/Doing Life is a distillation of his “denser” writing with a particular nod to provide case studies of missional churches whose approach is fresh, prophetic, and street-level accessible. Great examples of missional communities who understand their social mosaics.

Church In Life: Innovation, Mission, and Ecclesiology provides a theological framework that encourages innovative approaches to mission and vibrant church community. Moynagh is always thoughtful, perceptive, and deeply aware of the social context we are called to lead in.

Church for Every Context: An Introduction to Theology and Practice is Moynagh’s first book. What is Moynagh’s introduction would be considered another’s magnum opus! This is a magnificent treatise on the Church of Jesus Christ with additional reflection on our worship, discipleship, and community.

Michael Moynagh Videos

Tradition and Innovation

Here is a brief interview he did with Ed Stetzer in Christianity Today

Books on the Kingdom of God

The Presence of the Future by George Eldon Ladd is a deeper survey… you can skip the academic overview at the beginning and get into the good stuff!

The Gospel of the Kingdom is a summary series of Bible studies that illustrate Ladd’s understanding of the Kingdom of God

Breakthrough: Discovering the Kingdom is the Vineyard’s theology of the Kingdom founded on Ladd’s understanding and John Wimber’s application.

Announcing the Kingdom: The Story of God's Mission in the Bible is an insightful that links the mission of God’s people with the Kingdom.

And now for something completely different:

Brilliant is an opportunity to learn how to think outside your box and limitations by learning new skills and insights in disciplines very few of us know anything about. The Joys of Problem Solving, Probability, Outside the Box Geometry, Science Essentials, Physics of the Everyday are all good places to start. These are not lectures. Brilliant uses problem solving and puzzles to teach. Learning outside of our box helps us to think outside the box!