Resource Guides For the Week of 26 January

Simplicity: the life of a RUINED heart

Complexity, urgency, and busyness are the realities of our time — or lack thereof! Yet are we really comfortable with the words that describe their opposite: simplicity, complacency, and idleness? I know I’m not! The competitor and achiever in me recoils at the very thought! God does not want me overwhelmed by complexity, tyrannized by urgency, or driven by busyness. 

God desires that my life be simplified – ordered – from the inside out. A life simplified by the reality that Jesus lives in me and I live in Him (see Colossians 1.27; 1John 4.13). A life simplified by His call to follow Him that arises from the center of my life rather than many demands that contend for my attention and affection from the periphery of my life. These demands clutter all of our lives with attractive opportunities,  promises of fulfillment, expectations of accomplishment, and the lure of pleasures. I am learning that a “simple life in Christ” is a profound life because it is life released by God’s singular passion for me which in term allows me to enjoy a simpler life that is ordered, inspired, free, joyful, and saturated with God’s love through His Spirit and the community of family and friends I am surrounded by. A simple life allows me to enjoy opportunity without distraction and face challenge without defeat for, by God’s grace, Christ is in me and I am in Him…

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