LifeGroup Resource Guide for the week of 12 October

... Romans 5 begins a new section of Paul's letter where he is describing the new reality followers of Jesus live in. The Gospel has ruined our former reality and has placed us in a new one. Romans 5-8 is the exposition of this new reality that all followers of Jesus share together. Therefore, we must be watchful of the words Paul thoughtfully chooses to describe and articulate this new reality. These words are the "models" of this new reality.

If we take Romans 5.1 seriously, then this verse alone disrupts reality as we know it forever! For example, the familiar phrase: "Our Lord Jesus Christ." Who is the "our"? How did a crucified Jewish teacher become "the Christ" (Messiah) of the Jews? Even more stunning and ruinous, how did this Jesus become "Lord" of the whole world?

Take these words seriously. Understand them… chew on them… reflect on them. Your experience of a new and ruined reality depends on it!

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