Resource Guides For the Week of 2 February

The Good News that RUINS us

I have been noticing wedding rings lately… a piece of jewelry, frequently worth thousands of dollars, and is worn daily with little thought of security, exposure, or risk. Most of us would feel very self-conscious if we were carrying the equivalent value in cash each day— isn’t that what armored transport is for?! Nevertheless, most rarely take notice throughout the day to make sure their ring is still on their finger let alone that the stone remains secure in its setting. Worst still is our habit is to take for granted the relationship the ring celebrates. This mutes its testimony and makes this treasure a mundane ornament. Sadly, its value “returns” when it is lost, stolen, or broken...

The Gospel is always the treasure at the center of Paul’s life. His life is his faith and his faith is his life. They can not be separated. Paul’s theology (how he views God), his psychology (his self-understanding, identity, and behavior), and his sociology (how he understands personal relationships and social institutions) are comprehensively engaged through in Jesus. His confidence rests in his conviction: the Gospel IS the power of God for salvation because God’s righteousness is completely expressed in the revelation of Jesus crucified. Paul cannot truly comprehend anyone’s indifference to the Gospel. For him, Its relevance is incontestable, its invitation is universal, its promises are radical, and its benefits transformational… 

This week we turn our attention to this Good News!

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