Resource Guides For the Week of February 16

The Bad News that RUINS us

God gave Adam and Eve clothes to hide their shame. We still wear clothes to hide behind because they conceal and communicate. Social psychologists say we choose fashion apparel so that we might project and identity that is more ”cool", “fun-loving”, “courageous”, “professional”, “intelligent”, or even “renegade” than we really are. We even have hidden “supplemental clothing” like Spanx designed to conceal our “bulge” that shames us and and seeks to reshape us in the image of the figure we desire to be. 

Shame reveals a dark truth: a knowledge beyond purity has invaded our existence. Whereas God created us to know only love, truth, beauty, and wonder. A moral contagion has penetrated humanity. It spreads by air and by touch. There is no avoiding it. Lest we think that we are only its victims, Scripture confronts us with a painful revelation: this is a virus of our own making.

When humanity first “ate the fruit” we received what we desired— we became like God (1.5) We now know good and evil but we have never been able to manage what we learned. The truth is, we aspired to soar like eagles but, at best, we sputter like beetles in contrast to what God intended. This week we begin to reflect on sin’s start since this is going to be essential to Paul’s teaching that begins in Romans 1.18. With this in mind we return to “In the beginning…” 

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