Resource Guides For the Week of 23 February

The RUIN we shared before Jesus RUINED us

Edward Bernays is not a household name. Yet he is considered the “Father of Spin” and the first “Spin Doctor” because of his creative efforts on behalf of tobacco and alcohol companies. The Father of Spin: Edward L. Bernays and The Birth of Public Relations, by Larry Tye, describes how Bernays applied his skill to reshape and normalize choices and behaviors which our culture previously thought socially unacceptable. Bernays employed an ingenious strategy to deceive people by concealing facts, fabricating evidence, and delaying the presentation of facts that might influence perception and choice.

“Spin” has one purpose: to persuade an audience that what they think is “good” is actually “bad” and what is “bad” is actually “good.” It is designed to RUIN and replace our perceptions of wrong and right.

Sin is the ultimate “spin”. While sin RUINS the image of God in us and the goodness of creation, it also spins the understanding that many of its consequences are beneficial, normal, and natural. This “spin job” is as universally pervasive as it has been personally persuasive. None of us are untouched by it. Paul’s teaching on sin is a chance for us to revisit our own understanding of sin. Beware! A shallow understanding of sin will encourage a empty Gospel whose cross expresses God’s love but whose atoning gift is deemed unnecessary. 

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