Resource Guides For the Week March 2

Let me share with you a faith-discovery about myself:  It is easier for me to understand that Jesus died for me on the Cross than it is for me to understand that I died with Him on His Cross. Every morning I get up and the man I see in the mirror (aside from the changes of age) sure looks like “Mark” to me! But Paul testifies that when I came to Christ and His cross that I am crucified with Christ and that my “self” dies there with Him. In other words, there’s something radical that changes and I have died. In short, the Cross spells death to my “self”. 

This revealed truth is reenacted in a believer’s baptism. Baptism, as a sacrament, is the outward expression of this invisible truth. When someone confesses their faith we actually hold a funeral service in water for the person who has died with Christ on His cross. When we dunk a person we are burying what has died. Their "dead self" remains with Jesus there on the Cross and their “new self” rises with Him. Therefore, one of the essential challenges of the Christian life, for me, is to keep near the Cross so that I do not stray from the place where my “self" has died and my new life was born.

This is a deep and profound truth and one which we turn our hearts and minds to this week …

Enjoy your LifeGroup!

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