Resource Guides For the Week of 30 March

There are different ways to travel. If you have a need for speed then, depending on distance and destination, you will fly or drive. In the car, whenever possible, you will stick to the freeways. When speed is not essential than there is time to explore and take the scenic routes instead. 

Since February 9, we have been taking the "scenic route" through Romans 1.16-2.4. Here, Paul points out the spectacular terrain of the Gospel spread before us. Here too, we also behold a once beautiful landscape compromised by waste and decay. As we tour this landscape we learn that it was not war, disease, or poverty that was ruinous. The source of this ruin was misplaced worship. 

Romans 1.18-32 tells us the truth we do not want to hear: we, not God, are responsible for what plagues us. While we did not intend these consequences, our intentions do not excuse us. However, Paul, our tour guide, told us when we began this journey that there is hope because the Gospel is the power of God for salvation. The Gospel reveals, reverses, and restores us to God's promise as we repent, surrender, and return to Him in worship. 

Romans 1 reminds us that we will not know God, our Creator, except through worship nor will we truly know ourselves, the creature and creation, if we do not repent of our sin and return in worship. In worship, we have the opportunity to exchange the lie for the Truth; the impure for the Pure; and the corruptible for our Incorruptible God – Savior, Creator, and Lord.

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