Resource Guides for the Week of 9 March

The One Great Ruin

Let’s begin with a question: Would Jesus suffer the Cross if our only sin was gossip? Most of us can recite the correct answer but most of us are not horrified by its truth. We think in terms of sins from little to great. The Bible thinks in terms of one great sin that has RUINED all of creation so that it groans and suffers (Romans 8.22). Sins (plural) are the diseased and destructive illustrations of this one great sin that has corrupted all of humanity (Romans 1.18-21). Sins may vary in their immediate consequence but sins do not vary in their ultimate impact or their fundamental nature. They are never benign or neutral. They are always corrosive, divisive, destructive, and life-threatening. 

All sins are the fruit of this one great sin: the creature has rejected the presence— not the existence— of the Creator in order to become gods themselves (Genesis 3.5). In sin, the creature prays to the Creator: “our kingdom come, our will be done in heaven as it is on earth.” Sin does not want to hear from or surrender to God. It is unnatural to God’s creation even though it has become the norm of human nature. How we understand this will lead us in one of two directions. Either we will welcome redemptive grace for sin because we are without excuse or we will express arrogance and self-righteous judgment towards many sins because we deny the sin that RUINED us (see Romans 2.1). 

Anyone can point out sin. The surprise is that there is One who can save us from it (Romans 1.16-17). Reflection on the RUIN we share will always lead the Christian to confess and celebrate our Gospel Savior who has redeemed us for God. Hallelujah!

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