Resource Guides for the week of 18 May

In 2006 the documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, was released. The movie chronicles former Vice-President Al Gore's campaign to educate us about global warming. I do not possess the scientific knowledge to defend the supposed merits of the film or to substantiate the scientific errors its critics have raised. It is the premise of the film's title that has always grabbed my attention: that there is truth that we would prefer to ignore or live in blissful ignorance of.

 The Gospel, at its center, is an "inconvenient truth" because the Gospel of Jesus cannot be separated from the inconvenient truth of God's judgment for the sin we are responsible for. Paul, in Romans, highlights that we have corrupted worship with idolatry; mismanaged our stewardship of God's creation, and fractured society through our assertion that we know better how to order life and relationships. The "inconvenient truth" is that humanity is guilty of destroying the very life giving-world whose creation expressed and extolled the wonder, majesty, beauty, and compassion that IS the very heart of God. Instead, we have enslaved lives, broken lives, impoverished lives, and taken lives intentionally and unconsciously because we want to be gods ourselves. The inconvenient truth is that our understanding of God, life, authority, freedom, and love is fundamentally wrong because we do not want to face the Truth.

This "inconvenient truth" warns us that there IS a final judgment to come because

  • the love of God cannot be separated from His justice;
  • the grace of God cannot be separated from His judgment; and
  • the mercy of God cannot be separated from His righteousness.

Christians are a people who  have embraced this "inconvenient truth" and allowed Him to ruin us with it!

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