Resource guides for the week of 25 May

Welcome to Summer 2014! … although the summer solstice is not for another month.  Memorial Weekend is the summer kickoff offering "blockbuster" opportunities for all! Car dealers, stores, recreational services, and movie releases are poised for the summer push. The receipts from this weekend will be a significant indicator of consumer confidence. But this has not always been the case.

Memorial Day was originally called "Decoration Day" to describe the practice of decorating graves with flowers.The inconceivable numbers of burials caused by the Civil War (more than 600,000) created a need for remembrance and healing across the nation. Following the Lincoln assassination, formal movements began to set aside a day to remember. The first Decoration Day was May 30, 1868. The date was chosen because it was the optimal date for flowers to bloom since they would be in high demand for the holiday. Decoration Day was formally renamed Memorial Day in 1967 and moved to the last Monday in May in 1971. 

Why this little history lesson? Because "remember" is one of the most important, and skipped over, words in Scripture. “Remember,” discloses God’s desire to have a relationship with us. He remembers, therefore, He contends for an authentic relationship with us so the benefits of His presence may make a tangible impact on our daily lives. God, for our part, expects us to remember Him. Therefore we are called to live a life whose thoughts, words, and deeds indicate that we are joyfully and gratefully cognizant of the relationship we share together. God expects our fidelity as husbands and wives expect their beloved to live in a manner that actively honors and treasures their marriage. Just as a marriage is jeopardized the moment its partners begin to “forget” one another, so too our relationship with God is undermined when we cease to live like we remember Him. Lives ruined by God remember Him. This week let's remember how the kindness and mercy of God has ruined our lives.

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