Resource Guide for the week of October 4

Romans 8 has been called one of the greatest chapters of the Bible. One commentator has called it the “inner sanctuary within the cathedral of Christian faith.” It preaches grace, heralds God’s promises, reveals God’s intent, assures us of God’s presence, and inspires us with triumph. Along the way we given a firm foundation of the Son’s cross, the Father’s love, the Spirit’s presence, and the new life , in Christ, which will allow us to prevail and overcome. This chapter also presents us with words, contrasts, and themes that can be challenging and complex.

I am convinced that when we finish our study of Romans 8, we will recognize with fresh eyes how wonderful, how glorious, and how assured we can be concerning God’s love for us. The merit, the power, the sacrifice, the faithfulness, and the intercession of Jesus assures us that we are safe in the God who loved us and sent His Son for us. We are hedged in by mercy, surrounded by grace, embraced by a great love that saves us from condemnation, spares us from separation, and promises unimaginable liberation because "we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.” (Romans 8.37)

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