Resource Guide for the week of October 11

Our life-giving relationship with Jesus is described through the liberal and diverse use of prepositions in the New Testament. Thus we are

saved through Christ our Mediator;   
   built on Christ our Foundation; 
   placed under Christ our Lord
         hidden away with Christ our Secret
      persevere unto Christ our goal
   live for Christ who loved us and died for us; and we  

live like Christ whose example we strive to imitate.

Oh… and I left one preposition out — “in”. This week we are going to look at verses which represent a small sampling of the rich variety of “in Christ” verses in the New Testament. “In Christ” verses beckon our time and reflection because they highlight our personal and common union with Him. Legalism preys upon saints whose faith becomes externalized into a series of checklists that define belief, belonging, and behavior. "In Christ” verses insure that it is this relationship that defines us, inspires us, directs us, and it is this relationship we prize…  

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