Resource Guide for the week of March 1

... Our daily work and activity are NOT the context for faithfully living the Christian life. A faithful Christian life IS the context for our daily work and activity— not the other way around. Our desire for a faithful relationship with God, our recognition of His dominion — past, present, and promised, and our distinct lifestyle of worship gives us a majestic, comprehensive, and unifying vision that towers over the marketplace. Faith addresses our work. It does not merely respond to our work. Faith defines our work, daily activities, and circumstances not the other way round. Our Christian life embraces a vision grander than any vision the marketplace can offer us. “Market forces” will seek to subjugate and conform us to its agenda. God’s dominion vision will inspire us to follow, love, and serve in a manner that will release us to transform lives as God’ presence is manifest and expressed through us. Now this is a vision that I can get excited about!

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