Resource Guide for the Week of April 19

... Peace is an essential attribute of a Christian. Without it our thoughts, speech, and actions will reflect fear, selfishness, greed, suspicion, and/or restlessness. Peace cultivates compassion, self-sacrifice, fortitude, and risk. It allows us to exercise strength beneficially rather than destructively. Peace brings freedom to love beyond the boundaries of our current circumstances.

This week we return to Romans 5-8 around the theme, “New!” Here in Romans 5.1-11 Paul presents the “big picture”. What does it mean to be people who are made new in Christ? How does this happen? What does it mean? As we discover anew God’s promises, take a fresh look at all the people in your life — family, friends, co-workers, acquaintances, cashiers, sales associates, etc. I think you will see that you are surrounded by people looking for peace. Do you realize that you can make a difference in their lives? How do I know this? Because you know the One who gives peace unconditionally.

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