Resource Guide for the Week of April 26

... I believe the Scriptures present us with the most credible account of humanity— our origins (created by God) and our nature (the image of God terminally blurred, splintered, and distorted). Scripture tells us that we are indeed created as a noble temple, fit for the Lord to inhabit. But we have become derelict. The marks of nobility are still present but they are in terrible disarray. We are like a beautifully laid out garden and that is running wild. Human resolve is powerless to reverse the viral brokenness that has overtaken creation and infects every life. Humanity needs to be redeemed and refashioned so this universal contagion of sin and death will be broken.

The Apostle Paul (Romans 5.12-21) describes the pandemic of sin and the panacea of grace — which he triumphantly describes as “the reign of grace" that comes solely through Jesus Christ. "So just as sin ruled over all people and brought them to death, now God’s wonderful grace rules instead.” (Romans 5.21, New Living Translation). This week we recognize the “outbreak” and we celebrate the “cure”. 

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