Resource Guide for the week of January 24

Essential to the life, health, and mission of the Church we are ministers of is a commitment to what Paul calls “New Covenant ministry". It must be expressed and experienced distinct from “Old Covenant ministry". If we do not define and distinguish New Covenant ministry from Old Covenant ministry we will end up trying to combine them. The results are always tragic because it produces disciples who are legalistic, who struggle with condemnation, and who possess a warped understanding of God. These are the consequences Jesus forewarned when He observed the destructive impact of pouring old wine into new wineskins. (Matthew 9.17). We must be vigilant to protect New Covenant ministry from being infected by Old Covenant ministry that will inevitably ruin the very lives Jesus has come to redeem. Who wants to allow that?! So, let’s reflect this week on the New Covenant ministry we are all called to share, celebrate, and advance. 

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