Resource Guide for the week of October 16

Our freedom in Christ is maintained by our steadfast commitment to use our Christian mind to contend against “powers and spiritual forces” that seek to enslave us. Free is the follower of Jesus who daily seeks the empowering of the Holy Spirit to liberate his or her mind from the numb, the narrow, and the negative which provoke anger, cynicism, and limits our choices. The Christian mind, that is alive to God and engaged by His Word enjoys a freedom to pursue life and relationships based on the limitless and unconditional love of God. The Christian mind will not surrender to the lesser of two evils when we have been blessed by the greatest love that abounds to us in Jesus Christ. We will not settle for the way things are when our mind has been quickened by a vision for the way things will be. The Christian mind is a mind alive to and in alignment with God’s “kingdom come, God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven” (Matthew 6.10)

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