Resource Guide for the week February 28

There is tragic irony in the fact that the average evangelical Christian tithes 2% of his income to God and pays 30% of his income in tax to Uncle Sam. Could it be that God is saying to the Church in the U.S., Because you have trusted in money and withheld the tithe from me I will plunder your riches so that you will not see the gain?” Is it mere coincidence that taxes began to increase when the Church began to decrease the tithe? Think of what the Church could do for the poor, the illiterate, the migrant, the children, etc. if we tithed just 10%. We would do well to question any spirituality, including our own, where the love and power of Jesus Christ has not triumphed over our spending and giving habits… The call to give is just as clear as the call to pray or the call to serve… 

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