Resource Guide for the week of February 7

We must not avoid the tension of being strangers in a strange land” by conforming to the culture around us (see Romans 12.2). The tragic result of conformity is that we will loose both our relevancy and our capacity to influence and bless the very people Jesus wants to serve through us. Conformity will create an anemic transparency that will no longer allow God’s love, justice, care, grace, and promises to stand out. Conformity will conceal the presence of Jesus amongst us whose light, life, and love is what make us– His Church– distinct and vital. 

You are part of a great movement of God designed and destined to express and establish His compassionate presence — His alien presence— in our world as we endeavor to follow, love, and serve. We are not alone - we have one another… and even more, we have Jesus present and praying for us. It is to His prayer for us that we turn our hearts and minds this week. 

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