LifeGroup Resource Guide for the week of May 15

Any man who wants to know how he can be filled with the Spirit must first desire to be filled. This is not as simple as it sounds. A.W. Tozer comments: “To the interested inquirer I ask these questions: Are you sure that you want to be possessed by a Sprit Who, while He is pure and gentle and wise and loving, will yet insist upon being Lord of your life? Are you sure you want your personality to be taken over by One Who will require obedience to the written Word? Who will not tolerate any of the self-sins in your life, self-love, self-indulgence? Who will not permit you to strut or boast or show-off? Who will take the direction of your life away from you and will reserve the sovereign right to test you and discipline you? Who will strip away from you many loved objects which secretly harm your soul?”

Unless you can answer an eager “Yes” to these questions you do not want to be filled. You may want a thrill or the victory or the power, but you do not really want to be filled with the Spirit. Your desire is little more than a feeble wish and is not pure enough to please God, Who demands all or nothing.

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