LifeGroup Resource Guide for the week of May 22

For centuries the Jews alone stubbornly held to their understanding of God and truth in a pluralistic world that contended against them. Why? Because they held a different view of reality from all their contemporaries. They alone believed in the exclusivity of God. He alone is the big "G" in a world of little "g" gods. If God alone is the ultimate reality behind all things then there can only be one such reality. And if there is only one reality Who created the world as an expression of his will and purpose, then to give obedience to anything else will end in disappointment, decay, degradation, disruption, and ultimately disaster.

This week we turn to Isaiah 40 for there is no clearer advocate for the exclusivity of God then the prophet, Isaiah. His testimony heralds and reminds us that God's majesty, sovereignty, and mercy are expressions of His exclusivity. To deny this will deprive us of His presence, promise, provision, and purpose for life. 

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