Resource Guide for the week of September 25

Prejudice in any age is an ugly sin, and Paul deals with just such prejudice in Romans. The great danger after the edict of Claudius in a.d. 49, that expelled Jews from Rome, was that Gentile Christians in Rome would believe that God had quite rightly rejected his first chosen people for people like themselves. So Paul must offer a tour-de-force argument throughout Romans to battle such prejudice and the deadly theology that must inevitably spring forth from it. 

The Gospel Paul heralds gives birth to a new community that deviates from social norms because it ignores and tears down social barriers. This community looks different because it has a different King and is under a different rule. The truth is that such battles must continue to be fought and won in every generation of human history because humanity is still fallen. Romans is not about "sin management" it is a courageous call to be a redeemed community that shows the world an alternative that can be winsome, compelling, and transforming. Your LifeGroup will be an expression of God's intentional and preferred reality.

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