Resource Guide for the week of October 15

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The Sermon on the Mount contrasts two ways of living before God. One way measures faithfulness by what we do and the other by who we are. In short, the Sermon on the Mount is aboutintegrity that is distinctly Christian. Every sentence bears the conviction that who we are on the inside matters immensely to Jesus because there is no inherent relationship between what we do and who we truly are. A man may go to church, sing the songs, and read his Bible but never have the essential poverty of spirit that God blesses with salvation, love, and strength (Matthew 5.3). A man may not cheat on his girlfriend or wife but his fidelity is compromised by his obsession with lust and sexual fantasies of every kind (Matthew 5.27-30). A man may pray eloquently in front of others but God knows that it is not an expression of faith but a will to impress, influence, and manipulate (Matthew 6.5-15). Integrity is not who you are when no one is looking. This understanding confuses privacy with honor. 

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