Resource Guide for the week of October 29


Jesus uses the parable of the vine to describe the reality of Christian growth and the way that God prepares a disciple to be useful to His work in the world today. Jesus is here speaking of two conditions. The first is the presence of branches that are dead or diseased and whose continuing presence will threaten its own viability for future growth and production. These branches cannot be left in their current and unfruitful condition. They must be cared for if your goal is fruitfulness. Sin, when exposed or recognized, cannot be tolerated and flirted with.  What our culture calls normal the Lord frequently calls sin. It must be decisively addressed through repentance, the acceptance of God’s grace, and the power of the Holy Spirit to repudiate its attraction and to renounce its power. Diseased branches cannot be ignored if the goal is to maintain the health and productive capability of the plant...

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