Weekend Guide for the week of February 25

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If you are a follower of Jesus Christ who hungers to see His glory, power, and love tangibly manifest in our world today, then let me declare to you an amazing truth. God has prepared you to do any good work at work!

God has chosen you for noble purposes. You can make choices today that will honor God where you work. Your vocation is the location of your witness for Christ— this is your noble purpose in your current job. You are there for reasons more strategic than the mere receipt of a paycheck. He has people to bless through you and Kingdom ground to gain through you. Silence, indifference, neutrality, busyness, and timidity cannot achieve what God has placed you there to accomplish. He has placed you there to be in relationship with others so that they may have the opportunity to see the surpassing greatness of our God through you. Take a moment right now and pray this simple prayer. “My God and Father, please give me a fresh sense of your purposes for me here at work. Fill me afresh with your Holy Spirit that I might behold the strategic opportunities you have for me here. Free me from distraction and the cares of this world which I allow to dull my vision for Your work here. Free me, fill me, and use me here. Amen.”

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