Weekend Guide for the week of April 29

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Followers of Jesus Christ must not confuse what is “normal” with what is  “acceptable” as the world around us does. While a society may attempt to engineer her values, God establishes our virtues and He has spoken out against lust. Why? Because it disorders and disorients the heart by causing it to crave what it cannot have. This uncontrolled sexual preoccupation will chisel away at your integrity and over time it will numb your ability to feel and experience intimacy. Women and men become objects, imaginations become voyeuristic, and sexual fulfillment rather than faithfulness become our ambition in life. Integrity in Christ must not ignore the purity of our sexuality. Lust is not a victimless crime. It starts with one victim as it twists, corrupts, and dulls a sensitive soul before it expresses itself and harms others.  Look at the moral wreckage of our culture and ask yourself, is lust reallyvictimless? 

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