Weekend Guide for the week of May 6

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Stormy Daniels is not the first woman to come forward to claim an affair with a President nor is Robert Mueller, special prosecutor, the first public official  to investigate the possible secret sin of a national leader. Such was the role of the prophets in biblical times. Perhaps the most notorious example is Nathan’s confrontation of David — Israel’s beloved King. David was a leader’s leader; he was also a Renaissance man. He was deeply spiritual, a soldier, philosopher, poet, musician, songwriter, husband, father, and king. He was courageous, compassionate; and a man of strategic vision. Yet he was clearly in touch with the joys and sorrows that were common to all people regardless of their power, wealth, or status. He was uniquely endowed by God; a man for all seasons; and a charismatic personality. Under his leadership the country flourished and expanded. Israel’s borders were secure and her economy was strong. Lamentably for David (and for his country) he also was a man who abused the powers of his office to indulge his sexual fantasies...

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