Weekend Guide for the week of September 30


God is unique.
There is no other.
There is no one like Him. He has no equal.

Everything that exists from the Andromeda to an amoeba, 
From black holes to black panthers, was created by Him.
He has enemies but no threats.
He has friends but no peers.

He is God alone. There are no others…God is exclusively God.

We live in an age where exclusivism of any sort is close to being the unpardonable sin. Indulgent tolerance is encouraged so that it is understood that all religions are equally valid as expressions of each worshiper’s personal preference. What is often overlooked is that our confession of faith is based on the exclusive God whose inclusive love embraces all people. If God is NOT exclusive then the tenets we hold dear are, at best, moral aspirations not divine revelation.

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