Weekend Guide for the week of October 7


There is nothing more heart-breaking than watching someone you love lose their memory. This personal and private treasury contains their knowledge, wisdom, history, sensitivities, and most of all relationships. The slow and relentless decay of one’s memory reduces adult intellect to infancy, vacates wisdom, erases history, neuters joy, and slowly disintegrates one’s most precious relationships. Watching my father lose his mind will forever be etched in my memory unless or until I might lose mine. 

Dementia and Alzheimer’s do highlight a simple truth about relationships. We intentionally remember the relationships we value the most. Friendships and marriages that are not intentional and begin to “forget” to share life and time together are in jeopardy. Therefore, it should be no surprise that, because God is relational, He exhorts us to remember. In fact, the vibrancy of our faith will be contingent upon the spiritual discipline of “remembering.”

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