Weekend Guide for the week of January 20

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When they heard this, they raised their voices together in prayer to God…
(Acts 4:24)

Prayer is a powerful word. Mention it in a room full of Christians and watch the tone of the conversation become subdued. Invite people to dinner and faces light up. Invite someone to a time to pray together and anxiety arises. Most participants in churches across the country will find something else that demands their time rather than attend a prayer gathering— even when the gathering is scheduled on a night and time when a previously attended weekly event occurs! Most followers of Jesus Christ say they should pray more, but most of us rarely do. We can recite pat quips that “prayer is the most powerful thing we can do” but other less “powerful” pursuits generally seem to crowd it out. Nationwide the average attendance at prayer meetings is running less than 10% of a congregation’s attendance. How is it that something that God intended as a gift fosters so much intimidation and remorse? Is it possible that we have created an expectation for prayer that very few individuals can live up to?

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