Weekend Guide for the week of February 10

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I have noticed that the witness of any Christian is more effective than the witness of a pastor. People expect a pastor to speak about Jesus— after all we are paid to do it! People are far more impacted when their co-workers or friends talk about Him because this is unexpected (!) and because you are approachable and relevant because you share some of the same commitments and/or interests which your friends or co-workers can easily relate with.

Loved ones, you are surrounded by men and women who Jesus wants to impact through you. I am convinced that no one else has the chance to reach them like you do. Why? Because you are a Christian— not by what you do (or refrain from!) but because Jesus Christ dwells in you by the power of the Holy Spirit. He desires to work through you to touch the hearts of other men and women. The market place is His mission field. It is the field to which he has called you as a full time Christian minister so that He might do the extraordinary through you…

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