Weekend Guide for the week of March 3

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Intimidation is a powerful and unique fear… Powerful because it alone can cause us to sacrifice the opportunities of tomorrow for the status quo of yesterday. Intimidation browbeats us into deep feelings of inadequacy as our creativity, vision, and might wilt before it. Unique because intimidation is a fear that threatens our willingness to embrace God’s future for our lives. All intimidation has to do is recite reality because it wants to disqualify us because we are not perfect. Intimidation starts those old tapes playing: “you are neither smart enough or ingenius”… “you are not a great—or even a good—leader”… “you are ineffective and unfruitful”… “you have nothing in your past to suggest that you have it within you”…And on and on and on it goes… Intimidation goes so far as to use our heroes against us by reminding us that we can never be as good, effective, or fruitful as those we highly esteem or idolize…

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