Resource Guide for the week of September 29

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The basis for all fellowship— for every LifeGroup is when we kneel together at the cross of Jesus Christ, trusting wholly in His mercy and love. I have discovered that it is in fellowship with other Christians that the light of Christ has the opportunity to shatter my self-righteousness and expose my sinful heart. At that point of reality, I see how my sins crucified Christ and how they wound his body, the Church, today. Once I really faced this, nothing that I can say or do should surprise me concerning the image I have about myself. Also, as I turn towards my brother or sister, nothing he or she may say or do should surprise me about them! We are all in this “redemption boat” together. Therefore, I can no longer be critical or judgmental in a manner that causes me to perceive other believers as “outsiders”. The cross — our need and God’s provision— is the same for everyone. We have this in common: we are all in need of mercy, we all need a new heart, and we have all received grace upon grace upon grace through Jesus Christ. 

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