Our summer seminars are designed to be hands on resources that allow us 
to explore some of the themes we are reflecting on from our summer series: ETC. - the rest of Life.


Jonah Dig-in: going deeper in bible study - Christy Gates
July 22, 29, & August 5 @ 6:30 - 8:30 PM in the IGNITE room

- Would you like to sharpen your Bible study skills? 
- Are you eager to encounter Jesus? 
- Do you hunger for more transformation in your life?

Whether you are new to studying the Bible or a seasoned veteran, this class is for you. The Jonah Dig-In is an opportunity to discuss scripture in a dynamic learning community, and your experience will carry over into being more equipped and motivated to study the Bible on your own or in a small group. 

Christy Gates has been serving in college ministry with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship for 10 years, and she is qualified as the Manuscript Bible Study Trainer for Southern California. Christy and her husband Marv, along with their kids John and Maya, have been part of FCC for one year. Some of her hobbies include cycling, hiking, and (don’t laugh) playing video games.


Family Art Night - Liz Harley
July 21, August 5, & 20 @ 6.30 - 7:30 PM in the Fellowship Center

Spend an evening learning about a famous artist and recreating a well known masterpiece in your own unique style. These sessions are for families to sit and unlock their inner artist together. Everyone is an artist! There are no mistakes in art! 

Everyone will create a piece of art to take home. Each evening will focus on a different artist and different art medium (chalk, paint, water colors etc) will be used for each project.

Liz Harley has been teaching kids and their families art for over 20 years as part of Art Corps' Family Art Nights. She also teaches art in several elementary schools in San Diego.

Cost: $10 per family (any size) 

Please sign up - this seminar will be capped at 40 people (total of parents and children)


Mindful Movement: the Pilates Method - Andy Jones
July 19, August 2, & 16 @ 12:00 - 1 PM in the Fellowship Center

The Pilates Method of functional fitness strengthens superficial as well as intermediate and internal level muscles. Through mindful movement, balance, flexibility, coordination and strength provided in Pilates your body will not only look better, but feel better and perform at a higher level. This is a great opportunity to get exposed to a whole new world of fitness and learn more about how your body works. You won’t regret coming to these sessions.



Creative Confidence - Brian Leonard 
August 8, 22, & 29 - 10:00  - 11:30 AM in the Ignite Room

Do you believe that you were skipped when God was handing out creative ‘muscles'? Do you wish you could take your current creative interests to the next level? If you answered yes to either question, then join us for a creatively accessible seminar to help individuals commandeer the creativity that lies within.

Fear is the most common obstacle to creative expression, art, and design. Many people disqualify themselves from creative efforts due to a perception that creativity is only for a special, fearless, and gifted elite. But what if creativity might not be a gift, but instead a process? What if creative talent might be in some part a series of skills that could be learned? What if creativity were not just a hobby, but was actually a way of channeling passion and purpose into skills and goals you already have?

In our seminar we’re going to look at rediscovering your creativity. We’ll have three sessions. The first session will start with a discussion around the book “Creative Confidence” and a lecture on an accessible process of “design thinking.” The second session will be a working session focusing on defining your project, piece, artificat, or expression. The final session will be a presentation of your work (yes, the goal is to actually produce something!). 

Please note that this will not be a how-to of any of the formal arts (painting, photography, sculpture, drawing, etc).

Requirements: an open mind, a willingness to try to discover something new. No art degrees required

Brian is a licensed architect in the states of California and Arizona. His education and background has included a wide exploration of design and composition in music, drawing, painting, photography, graphic design, web design, video, and three dimensional modeling.


The Science of Sustainable High Performance: increasing your personal effectiveness at home and work - Chris Males
July 18: 4 - 5 PM • July 27: 7 - 8 PM • August 13: 7 - 8 PM in the Ignite Room

This series will reveal how small habits in the areas of MINDSET, NUTRITION, MOVEMENT and RECOVERY can have a multiplier effect upon your personal performance, energy and resilience.  Learn the same strategies we use with top business executives, elite military forces, and athletes.

  • Session 1: Introduction into why we need Sustainable High Performance strategies. Discuss the first pillar of MINDSET.
  • Session 2:  Learn strategies to increase your personal energy. This session will focus on the pillars of RECOVERY (sleep, power naps for high performance, breathing exercise for stress relief) and briefly touch on NUTRITION and MOVEMENT.
  • Session 3:  Revisit MINDSET Strategies, conclude with writing your personal vision of your new habits. We call this a TO BE vision, and it is a great tool for improving your self image. 

With experience in professional sport as an athlete, coach and trainer, Chris is passionate about people, and companies, reaching their full potential. Chris is a High Performance Coach and consults Internationally for Sustainable High Performance firm TIGNUM, a company that trains executives from world leading organizations such as AOL, Unilever, NBC Universal, Novartis, Adidas, and Dun and Bradstreet.


Dancing with $$$: biblical principles for managing your money - Beckey McElhaney
July 22, August 5 & 20 @ 6:30 - 8:00 PM  in the Children’s Center

  • How do you experience the money dance?  Is there enough to go around? Do you have a spending plan that works?  
  • What about a map for the future? Got Debt? What does the bible say about money and possessions? 
  • Did you know there are over 2300 verses in the bible about money and possessions?

The bible has a lot to say about this because how we handle money impacts our relationship with Jesus.

Come learn what the bible says, and some practical applications while you have a little fun talking about money.  I know it is a serious subject, but it really can be fun!

Discover some tools you can use to help you map out a course for your journey ahead.

  • Session 1: God, Money and You 
  • Session 2: Debt, Council and Work
  • Session 3: Giving, Savings and Mapping out the Future

Beckey McElhaney is a Money Map coach through Crown Financial Ministries. She helps individuals and couples discover ways to make their finances work for their family.  She has also taught 10 week bible studies on biblical financial principals.


Living Your Strengths: discover, understand, & grow… - Pastor Deb
July 19, August 2, & 16 @ 12:00 - 1: 15 PM  in the Children’s Center

Have you found your “place” at church? Do you have the opportunity to do what you do best on a regular basis—to use your gifts, talents and strengths? Do you find joy, satisfaction, and growth in the ways that you serve God, your church, and other people? Your spiritual life—not to mention your personal, family, or professional life—could be a lot more fulfilling if you identified your strengths and how to use them. These sessions will help you affirm and understand your strengths and determine how to use them for personal growth and service.

This seminar requires you to have taken the Strengths Finder Assessment before the first class. You do this at www.strengthscenter.com. The assessment is  $9.99.  Each participant should bring their top five strengths to class. This seminar is not an Intro to Strengths class but will focus on using and growing in your strengths.

Pastor Deb Moncauskas is the Children and Family Pastor at Faith Community, serving this body for 28 years. She earned her doctorate in strength-based coaching and is certified by Gallup as a Strengths coach, within their Faith Division. She has coached over 200 men, women and youth to live and lead from their strengths. .


Eating Well: enjoying food for health and vitality - Catherine Slomka
July 25, August 1 & 8 @ 10:00 - 11: 15 AM in the Ignite Room (July 25 and August 1) and Children's Center (August 8)

We will be learning how to eat to support overall health and vitality. This seminar is for all ages and all backgrounds. Whether you want to learn how to feed your family better, lose those extra pounds, or have more energy throughout the day, this seminar is for you! We will start with the basics and move on to specific questions. 

Topics will include shopping smarter, how to read food labels, current diets, and dining out tips. Catherine will equip you with knowledge to make smarter food choices and make eating healthy fun, easy, and of course—delicious! 

Catherine recently graduated from Loma Linda University earning a Master of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics. She is passionate about child nutrition specifically, and how eating well can encourage not only healthy growth and development but also healthy behavior and relationships with food. She’s a real food enthusiast and hopes to pursue a career in nutrition policy.