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More people watch movies than hear sermons. Lots more. People understand and interpret their lives by the stories they know. Movies are the Western world’s way of telling stories. Stories are also, apparently, God’s chosen method of talking about himself, his kingdom, this world, us and the relationships between and amongst them all. Jesus chosen method to talk about the Kingdom of God was thru (short) stories. Stories about Sons, Coins, Sheep, Heretic Heroes (Good Samaritan); Waking Neighbors in the middle of the night for bread; A Barn Builder; A Fig Tree and Manure; I could go on. These are not obviously “spiritual” topics. Good stories have the unique quality of being “inexhaustible” and “multivalent.” That is, one can never honestly conclude “I understand it all.” The Movie Crew has three objectives: 1) understand and analyze the stories that the best current movies portray, 2) compare and contrast the ideas those movies portray with biblical notions and 3) have fun doing that.

We meet on the LAST Friday of the month, at around 7pm. We go see a first run movie and then retire to a local eatery to discuss the movie we just watched. To paraphrase an old quote “A good movie, well made, is a joy to watch.” Come join us. Meet some new folks, learn something about yourself, (maybe) learn something about the Kingdom and do it in a fresh and creative way.

If you would like more information, please contact Rick Moncauskas.