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On December 1st we continue our Christmas season tradition of blessing our community with free Christmas trees!  


We’d love for you to join the team that’s hosting this year’s give-away. You can do so by clicking here.


Sponsoring trees information:

click here to make a donation!(and receive a tree)

This year we will be giving away Douglas Fir trees.

$45 donation: you receive a 5/6ft tree and you give a tree away  

$55 donation: you receive tree a 6/7ft tree and you give a tree away

$25 donation: you give a tree away

A donation of any amount can also be given

for corporate sponsorships please contact our church office (858)565-4808 or email pastor vince


Event info:

December 1st

Military and 92123 8:30 AM (must present Military ID or address)

Community 10 AM

Trees are given on first come first served basis. 

Only 1 (one) tree will be given per family/home address