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Living Your Strengths

Do you get to do what you do best on a regular basis?  Do you find joy, satisfaction, and growth in the ways you serve God, your church and other people? Do you feel that you get to use your talents, gifts, and strengths at work? at home? with your friends or family? Do you recognize what your strengths are?

Your spiritual life, not to mention your personal, family or professional life will be a lot more fulfilling if you identify your God-given strengths and how to use them. This session will help you affirm and understand your strengths and determine how to use them for growth and service.

When:            May 31, 9-12

Where:           Faith Community

Cost:              $15.00 for the book

Leaders:        Elizabeth Sargent and Deb Moncauskas

Space is limited to 10, so reserve your spot right away by filling out this form.

Contact Pastor Deb @ (858) 565-4808 ext. 204 or 

Earlier Event: May 24
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