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Worship Night and Fundraiser

Join Park Church (Pastors Andrew and Nicole Henneforth) for a worship night that will also raise funds for the famine in East Africa

As you well know, the refugee crisis in eastern Africa has quickly become one of the worst in the world. Drought, civil war and obstructions to humanitarian aid have led to severe famine for 20 million people. The sheer number has overwhelmed the UN and local capacities, and these countries are rapidly running out of food. Whereas most children in the U.S. eat three times a day, children in these affected areas only eat once every three days!

Foursquare has a unique relationship to this crisis, as it affects many of its churches. In Bidi Bidi (one of the largest refugee camps in the world), a quarter of its 270,000 people are part of the foursquare family. Local Foursquare pastors are working hard to provide food and water for everyone in this refugee camp. Unfortunately, local resources are simply overwhelmed by the needs of a people desperate for food and hope.

The need in these nations is staggering, but we believe that, by working together as a global body of Christ, we can make a significant difference. Thank you for your partnership. We can’t wait to work with you in bringing hope to those in desperate need! 


The link below is a video of the President of the Foursquare denomination  addressing the need in Aferica and how the they are responding.

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