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podcast for 4 february 2018

SERVE: the joy in our serving

psalm 16.1-3|philippians 2.13


If you spend any time here at Faith Community you will begin to hear the phrase: "Follow well, love well, serve well." These are the building blocks of our life of faith here at Faith. These are Jesus' words in every Gospel. His call and command are as simple as they are challenging. Easily memorized but never mastered. These must be the DNA of our our lives, our community, and our relationships.

In light of the polarization in our culture; the growing hostility to the Christian faith, and the individualistic and isolating habits many pursue, it seems like a strategic time to focus on these simple words. Let us start 2018 by defining these words that define us and by encouraging one another to follow well, love well, and serve well.

This isn’t a disconnected God who we’re striving to get the approval of… this is a God who is overjoyed with His people and He is intimately, joyfully involved in their work.  

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