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podcast for 18 November 2018

Exodus 20.16 | No False-Witness


The 10 Commandments are 10 simple and concrete statements that could transform the planet. There is nothing ambiguous about them. Consider this: if everyone practiced the 10 commandments there would be justice, everlasting peace, freedom, unity, dignity, integrity, prosperity, and love. If there is a even the slightest possibility that this is true we should study and reflect deeply upon them.

There is no commandment that easily illustrates the simple and profound reach of God’s commands. Imagine a nation where there is no maligning, lying, deceiving, falsifying, stretching the truth, half-truth, scapegoating, blaming, implying, fabricating, deluding, or exaggerating at another’s expense or opportunity… the fact that we can’t and that many have given up trying is a crisis and a tragedy we must endeavor to overtake…