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podcast for 20 MAY 2018

Acts 4.1-22



We live in the digital age. Physical communities have given way to online ones. So what makes the church unique? Why should a person get up on a Sunday, get ready, drive to a location and gather in person with others? What's the point when you can hear great sermons online and listen to all your favorite worship songs on your phone? In this teaching series, we'll explore and discover the irreplaceable, life-giving, transformative power of the church when we return to our roots and live on mission together. 

Most Christians have a desire to be like the early Church. We romanticize their unity, the miracles, the preaching, the explosive growth, and the lavish generosity of the first Christians. If only... Yet conspicuously absent from our yearning is the harsh reality of the opposition and persecution they faced. Yet in 22 of 28 chapters in the Book of Acts we find references to the opposition those first Christians faced. Why were they persecuted if they were know for their love, service, sacrifice, and generosity? 

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