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podcast for 21 October 2018

Deuteronomy 5.16 | Honor Your Father and Mother - Really


The 10 Commandments are 10 simple and concrete statements that could transform the planet. There is nothing ambiguous about them. Consider this: if everyone practiced the 10 commandments there would be justice, everlasting peace, freedom, unity, dignity, integrity, prosperity, and love. If there is a even the slightest possibility that this is true we should study and reflect deeply upon them.

Today's Message

If the first 4 commandments are about loving God; the second six are about what it means to love our neighbor. At the top of the list is honoring our parents. What does this mean? Does this mean obey parents no-matter-what? What about if our parents were abusive, not trustworthy, or unstable? How can God expect us to obey our parents in these broken and brutal situations. But the question is NOT “how can God expect us to obey?” the question is “Does God expect us to obey?”