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Matthew 6.7-13 | Your Will be Done


Sunday’s Message

There are at least three things common to everyone alive: birth, death, and, in between those two, prayer… I have never met a person who has not prayed. It may be a spiritual prayer born of deep faith or the desperate cry in hopes that Someone might be listening after all. Everyone, everywhere, and of any age has prayed. It unites ancients, moderns, and post-moderns.

At times it is as natural as breathing while at other times it is difficult and painful. Prayer can be both easy and challenging; inspiring and disappointing; gratifying and exasperating; comforting and distressing. At times our longings are abundantly fulfilled and at other times we can feel ignored and our affections betrayed.

The One who prayed, “My God, My God, why have you forsakened me?” taught His followers how to pray and what to pray for. This series is a reflection on the prayer Jesus gave us.

The first thing that Jesus teaches us to pray is “Your Kingdom come.” But many followers of Jesus do not understand what are we praying for. Some think the Kingdom is a political realm that we must persist in creating. Some say it is purely spiritual and something that we spiritually align our lives with. Still others say it is the rule of God which will be established at the end of time. So what IS the Kingdom Jesus taught us to long for?

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